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Everything starts with discovering your unique gifts and how to approach your life, relationships, work, and business.

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Once you’ve completed the Discover U phase, you’re ready to meet your coach and proceed to Design U to build your blueprint.


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Prepare for greatness! Complete the Dare U phase to officially graduate from the Woman U program. Time to make moves like a boss!


Develop U Phase

Get strategic coaching and guidance to choose the systems and training to make you successful on your path.

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The next Woman University session begins October 24. Apply today and get ready to change your life!

Live Simply, love Generously, care Deeply, speak Kindly...and leave the rest to God!

Kathy Hood

CEO & Founder, Woman University

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Summer 2021

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It’s time to step up to your destiny! Woman University’s Summer 2021 session begins bright and early August 7!

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