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Woman Up! Discover your true identity.

It’s time to Woman Up, discover your true identity, become a better version of yourself, unleash your gifts, and impact the world as you embrace and become a Bold and Fearless YOU! 

In this full-day conference, you will embark on a journey of life-changing discovery.  You will be introduced to your authentic self, your “motivational gifts,” your inborn gifts given you at birth.  Discovering and understanding your gifts will enrich every relationship – family, marriage, children, work, ministry, organization, etc., and will change your life forever.




1 Day Conference


Learning Your Natural Gifts

This first phase is a full-day conference designed to help you discover your natural gifts!

You will receive:

  • Personal Development
  • Self-Reflecting Sessions
  • Motivational Messages

This is the most enlightening phase. It is impossible to reach your full potential in life until you discover who you are as a person. When the layers of your natural gifts are revealed, you become empowered to operate in your strengths and offset any weaknesses.

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